Site Survey/Booking/Copyright
We cannot operate our drones in rain or high winds as this is both dangerous to the drone and to others.
Clients may have specific requirements that restrict us to flying at specific times. Unfortunately, weather
conditions will dictate when we can fly.

Requirements from our Clients
We will require the location of the shoot (with an exact postcode), proposed date and a brief containing
as much background information as possible on what you would like us to film.

Site Survey
We can do an initial online site survey to see if the shoot is possible and if there are any other factors,
flight restrictions or permissions that need to be considered. This could involve an onsite visit pre filming
if we feel it necessary.

Booking & Deposit
If the result of our site survey is positive then we will send you a quote with a provisional date and costs.
We will require a 25% deposit once a date is confirmed.

We monitor the weather forecast in advance of any shoot. If the signs are not good, we will contact you
to see whether you have a backup date.
If possible, we will reschedule the shoot to the next suitable date and the booking deposit will be
transferred to that date.
If the shoot cannot be re-scheduled due to factors out of our control, (client availability) then we will not
be able to offer a refund for the deposit.
If its decided that we stay with the original date and we have bad weather, we will do our best to stay on
site for a reasonable time in the hope that we have a change in the weather to fly the drone.
If we arrive on site and are unable to shoot on the day we will have to charge in full, but offer clients a
25% discount off the price of the second shoot on the follow up date.

If the client cancels the shoot within 7 days of the scheduled date the 25% deposit will not be refunded.

Copyright and Use of Material
RiseAbove FilmWorks retains the copyright of all aerial and ground filmed content.
Our clients will have full use of all filmed material for their own business use. Clients are not permitted to
sell the material or allow 3rd parties to use it without prior written agreement from RiseAbove FilmWorks.
RiseAbove FilmWorks reserve the right to use any video footage for our own PR purposes, on our
website, in a showreel, and on social media.
With regard to client confidentiality and any embargo provisions, RiseAbove FilmWorks agrees not to
use any video footage until our client has published the material.

The main operational conditions for an SUA are:

  • Maintaining a distance of 50m from people and property not in control of the pilot.
  • During take off and landing maintain a distance of 30m from people and property not in control of the pilot.
  • Permission of the landowner to take off and land.
  • Do not fly directly overhead or within a minimum distance of 150m from an open-air assembly of over 1000 people.
  • Fly a maximum height of 400ft above ground level.
  • Maintain visual line of sight of the SUA to a maximum distance of 500m.
  • Fly during daylight hours, so that you can clearly see the SUA and take avoiding action from other air users if required.
  • Outside of controlled airspace.
  • Restrictions apply to certain areas of Central London and additional permissions to fly in these areas need to be sought from the CAA.
  • Restrictions and rules apply to flying near an airport and aerodrome.